1-13.5-502(6), C.R.S.

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, and, particularly, to the electors of the Louisville Fire Protection District of Boulder County, Colorado:

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an election will be held on the 6th day of May, 2014 between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. The Board of Directors of the District has designated the following polling place:

Louisville Fire Station #2
895 W. Via Appia, Louisville, Colorado

At said election, the electors of the District shall vote for three (3) Directors to serve Four-Year terms of office on the Board of Directors of the District.

The names of persons nominated as Director for a Four-Year Term are:

Don Buffo
Terri Abbott
Stephen R. Dinauer
Sterling Folden
Albert C. Schmidt
Timothy Mallon

NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that applications for and return of absentee voter ballots may be filed with, and replacement ballots may be received from, Jackie Fry, Designated Election Official of the District at, 895 W. Via Appia, Louisville, Colorado, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., until the close of business on the Friday immediately preceding the regular election (May 2, 2014). Telephone: 303-666-6595, ext. 200.

Louisville Fire Protection District
By/s/Jackie Fry, Designated Election Official


A Message from our Chief of Department

We hope that our site will serve as a tool for our customers and companies doing business in the district. It is our ultimate goal to provide our customers with the necessary information and contacts to improve the community's fire defense programs. We understand that to improve our services requires feedback from the community, so we ask that you e-mail us your ideas and suggestions.

The men and women of the Louisville Fire Department are proud to be an active part of the community and to provide quality emergency services. We strongly believe that delivering reliable services have a direct effect on our community’s quality of life. We ensure the quality of our services by:

  • Providing “Best in Class” service to our customers.
  • Providing the best support to our members.
  • Managing change in a positive manner, always improving.
  • Being responsible to the organization and the community.
  • Being personally committed to our mission, vision and values.

Comprehensive Planning

The department believes that the key to providing a “Best in Class” service is through planning. Our comprehensive plan delineates the department’s vision for the future and the financial challenges to meet these customer driven expectations. Our citizens have grown to expect services that manage “all risk” emergencies and we have organized ourselves to meet these changing expectations. More importantly, we strive to improve every citizen’s quality of life through high standards and solving the customer’s problem.

Our Family Serving Your Family

“Our Family Serving Your Family” is our motto and we try everyday to make it more than just a slogan. We try and live this motto every time we have contact with you and your family. It’s our belief that the qualityof the care we provide is directly impacted by the quality of people we have in the department. We treat all of our customers as though they were part of our family.

Valued Members

We value our members, as they are the backbone of the service we provide. We emphasize a well-trained and competent staff and we strive to have motivated and empowered members capable of delivering quality service.

Most importantly, I think you will find a department with a unique spirit, and a true commitment to community, family and service. Whether you are in need of something as routine as a lockout assist to a fire or medical emergency, we are ready when you need us.

  Tim Parker, Chief of Department